Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ignoring Creativity

This is a piece I worked on when my mom was here. It is using the same transfer process used on my previous posts' piece. It's a little rough and I'm not finished but I like the overall idea and color. I think of it as more of a draft than a real PIECE but...thought I'd share anyway.
I was sick the past week or so. And I entirely ignored creativity all together. It was sad really. I could have done SOMETHING creative while I was sick...but I just didn't really want to use my brain. So I didn't. Heh. But I'm getting back into it. I sat down to paint last week and found...I'm missing half the paint I used to have. I have no idea where it is as the last time I saw it was in Washington several months ago. But I found myself suddenly with very limited options. I didn't even have WHITE. So...I just started by blocking out some old canvases and painting over old work that I didn't want anymore. I bought some white over the weekend (I had a spurt of "I'm feeling better!" on Saturday and then by the end of the day I felt crummy and have yet to bust it out but I hope to soon. Who knows. Maybe tonight!