Monday, September 21, 2009

Mascara Whirlwind

Okay it's almost been a whole month. Shame on me. I won't even bother trying to explain all my excuses of being busy (even though they are true) know the drill. ;)
Probably the most momentous thing that has happened since my last post (and actually does have an artistic point!) was my mom came to visit for a whole week from Washington. I cannot even explain how much fun that was to have her HERE and have a whole week to just hangout and catch up. If you didn't already know (or care), my mom is my best friend. While she was here, we dedicated almost two whole days to being creative and she taught me some really awesome techniques using Modge Podge. Oh Modge Podge. How I adore thee. I finally have done something worth showing (gotta have some trial and error, right?) so there it is above and below. The title is 'Mascara Whirlwind.' I'm not sure if it's finished yet and I'm not sure if it'll make its way to the shop or not. But...maybe. I just need to play with it a bit more. ALMOST satisfied. Just not quite.
In other news, I did finish some collage bottles. Mostly. The lids are still in need of a tad bit of work. Which I'm putting off. As usual. But I have (on the bright side) found more time to be creative lately which I'm very excited about. I think I need to do this. For my own sanity's sake.
Until next time.