Saturday, October 10, 2009

Painting Profiles

I finally did some painting the other night. I've been eyeing my paint for over a week now and finally kicked myself into my studio. I'm covering some old canvases with unwanted work on them. Several weeks ago I just blocked a few out with a dark blue/almost black. Then the other night I used my white paint and just started playing. It's definitely rough. I'm just glad I did something. Oh. And I have a thing for faces and profiles. Can you tell? The first canvas I blocked out was more of a two toned blue/black and it actually turned out kind of cool. So I haven't touched it yet. I need to hold it in the light and see if I like it as-is or if I need to change it a bit. Either way it looks like you're looking at the night sky through some trees and brush. I dig it.
One thing I did with this painting that I've never really done before is played with the actual TEXTURE of paint. If you look above the really obvious profile, in the white portion is another profile facing the other way. But it's made entirely from the texture of the paint. It was nice to try something different. I kind of had no choice but to play with texture as the previous paintings on these canvases were very rough and raised and I couldn't seem to peel them away to start over. So it's been an interesting experience.