Monday, November 23, 2009


So I have some friggin awesome good news. Some of you may remember me participating in Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway several months ago? Well it's HERE again. And yes, I will be participating. I know. AWESOME!! I'm SO excited. For everyone who missed it, Sew, Mama Sew hosted a mass giveaway among crafters/artists. It's exciting for both participants and readers alike because participants get lots of exposure and people visiting their blog and readers get a chance to win some awesome stuff! For more information, click HERE. Giveaway day is DECEMBER 2nd. How it works is I will post a blog with my giveaway item. Then YOU (yes, you) will comment on that post. The running will stay open until December 6th. Then I will choose a winner. And voila, you have your super awesome giveaway item! So mark your calendars, phones, arms, whatever, with December 2nd. It's going to be good.
P.S. DON'T FORGET!! Other vendors will be doing giveaways too! So don't just try to win MY giveaway. Go to Sew, Mama, Sew's blog by clicking the image above. There will be a master list of the participating vendors on Giveaway Day so that you can check out other vendor's blogs and enter to win MORE giveaways. Enter lots! There's so many cool things to win. I'll remind you on Giveaway Day, December 2nd, to check out that list again. ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tragic's simply tragic how long these robots have been taking me. It really bugs me actually. Ironic how fast the first two went and then any after that seem to take FOREVER. I am rethinking having them ready for Christmas. Instead, I think I might put one or two put in my Etsy shop and then give a few away as gifts. I also promised my friend an order of several. So...that'll have me covered. I'm sure they will get faster as I get used to doing this. The parts are just so painfully TINY!
In the meantime, I turned a year older and got a new tattoo. You can read about what it means here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

H-H-H-Halloween. it is. Halloween is passed and I was probably the coolest/most original costume out there. Haha...okay maybe not really but...I had a lot of fun. I was Lady Gaga! Complete with hair-bow that I made myself. Everyone keeps saying I should start making them and selling them. definitely something to think about.
Besides Halloween and Gaga, I made some progress on baby robots. I've begun painting many many many many more. A whole army of baby robots. What could be cooler? I'm not sure. But this is a pretty cool idea if I don't say so myself. However...I realized to my dismay the other day that I forgot robot limbs the last time I went to Michael's for supplies. Their limbs! How are they supposed to do anything without limbs? So I had to make a quick run on Halloween afternoon to get some more. I hope to start assembling them this week. I am very, very excited. They're turning out pretty awesome. So stay tuned.