Thursday, March 18, 2010

Auction Results

The auction was a success!
Now every artist when auctioning off an item I'm sure secretly hopes it will go for billions of dollars. So I won't go into my disappointments that my painting didn't go for as much as I had hoped but it still went for over $100 and ended up going to one of my friends. The thing that I felt sort of discouraged buyers was it was paired with a basket of little girl items and I thought that wasn't the best fit. But choosing how it was displayed was not really my choice. I was donated. All in all, the auction was a blast (only been to one other and this one was much more entertaining) and we had a really good time. Didn't win anything but for a night of free food, free wine and entertainment, you really can't complain. And proceeds going to a good cause is always...well...a good cause! I didn't hear what the total amount raised was but from some of the things I saw bid off, I imagine it was a good amount. This sum went toward the individual squadron's funds as well as the Wounded Warrior Fund.
One of the most surprising moments of the evening was seeing Pretty Much LiQi Designs in print for the very first time. I wasn't aware that all the contributors would be listed in the program and was stoked to see myself there. A toast to many more, eh? ;)
My next project is near and dear to my heart which in turn has made me terrified of it. I'm doing a painting as a gift...and I'm copying a picture. Something I haven't done in fact...I don't know if I've ever done it in paint.'s been a struggle. I painted one night and then have avoided that corner of the bonus room all week. I'm going to see if I can coax myself back in there tonight. I am not strictly sticking to the picture and am allowing myself room to be creative and add my own spin to the piece. So it really shouldn't scare me. But gifts consisting of my own work always scare me. Pictures to follow!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am back from vacation and it was by far the best vacation I've ever had. EVER. We spent a little over a week in Florida, went to all 4 Disney Parks, saw Cirque Du Soleil, went to Gatorland, the Kennedy Space Center, and just to reminisce and bring up old memories from when I was 14, toured Teen Missions International. It was by far the best trip I've ever been on and with the best company possible; my husband.
I'm back and have been all week. It's been a long week, trying to get back into the working groove while my husband John has another week off (lucky!!) and I am glad it is Friday. Bought some canvases for future paintings the other night. Nothing new yet but hopefully I'll have time this weekend to start something. In the meantime, here is the FINISHED Pink Lady. The outdoor lighting makes her look much redder than she is. She is much pinker in real life.