Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Communism...

I was mentioned in another blog!! Look HERE.
Jack Fallows of Crumpet Time Comics sold me some amazing robot postcards several months ago. So I decided to ask him to do some larger prints of similar robots. We've gone back and forth with ideas and finally settled on Communist Robot Propaganda. Yes. I know, right. BRILLIANT!! He suggested featuring the design of my robots in the print which I am definitely digging. The image above is what he came up with so far and I love it. So excited to see what else he/we come up with. I am going to be working on a corresponding communist-themed robot (and if you're reading this Jack, no, I didn't make it last night...darn American Idol at a friend's. But I'm going to dedicate my lunch hour today to it. For real.) and maybe some others. We'll see. Yay for collaboration!! It's awesome just brain-storming with another artist with similar humor appreciation. My favorite thing about it is definitely the slogans. AWESOME. Keep an eye on both our blogs/shops/etc. for more to come.
Note: Image is the property of Jack Follows/Crumpettimecomics (OBVIOUSLY) so don't copy.