Monday, November 2, 2009

H-H-H-Halloween. it is. Halloween is passed and I was probably the coolest/most original costume out there. Haha...okay maybe not really but...I had a lot of fun. I was Lady Gaga! Complete with hair-bow that I made myself. Everyone keeps saying I should start making them and selling them. definitely something to think about.
Besides Halloween and Gaga, I made some progress on baby robots. I've begun painting many many many many more. A whole army of baby robots. What could be cooler? I'm not sure. But this is a pretty cool idea if I don't say so myself. However...I realized to my dismay the other day that I forgot robot limbs the last time I went to Michael's for supplies. Their limbs! How are they supposed to do anything without limbs? So I had to make a quick run on Halloween afternoon to get some more. I hope to start assembling them this week. I am very, very excited. They're turning out pretty awesome. So stay tuned.