Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Absense Pass

I apologize for the silent week. It's been a crazy fast one and I can't believe it's already Tuesday of this next week. So nuts.
This past weekend I took my husband to a No Doubt concert for his birthday...his favorite band ever. It was you can probably imagine by the picture.
Creatively, I've had trouble fitting time in this past week. But I buckled down a worked on a tattoo design for a friend last night that I've been putting off (sorry Paula). It's not finished yet but it's coming along. I wasn't completely useless this weekend and went out and bought a BUNCH-o-crap of cool artsy stuff and supplies. Treated myself to a huge set of Prismacolor colored pencils...drool. And some more boxes to make some more collage boxes...hopefully soon. Keep your eyes peeled!